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"FANTASTIC variety, quality and selection of anything & everything antique. Jewelry, silver, paintings, bronzes, oriental, books, perfumery, furniture...It really has a great selection of everything. And the best part was that I was there buying alongside dealers. The building takes up a whole city block, and it's on 3 full levels. A must visit for ANYONE interested in antiques."



"One Of New York's Best Kept Secrets

Shopped by dealers & designers the world over, yet New Yorkers don't know it exists. Everything from silver, paintings, furniture, lighting, jewelery, clocks, glassware, chinaware, statuary, books etc. This building is really a treasure trove of fine antiques. For example, the silver shop, Estate Silver Co, run by Mr Mammon, is packed from floor to ceiling with antique silver from all over the world, and you can find items from odd spoons to museum quality urns. 1,000's of different items from $100 to $1,000,000.00. And this shop is just 1 of the 70 different shops, each stocked with it's own specialty of merchandise. Most dealers are open Monday - Friday 11am till 5:30pm, although to find their treasures, some will have irregular hours..."


"The Manhattan Arts & Antiques Center

The Manhattan Arts & Antiques Center has over 50 different first class antiques dealers. The merchandise here is a dazzling arrya of everything the world of fine antiques has to offer. Jewelry, flatware, glassware, vases, paintings, silver, gold, clocks, chairs, tables and so much more from all over the world. Items from Japan, China, France and many other countries..."


"Great Antiques

An Amazing Selection Of Almost Anything & Everything Antique. Silver, Furniture, Jewely, Paintings, Books, Oriental, China, Bronzes, Statues, Marble, Lighting, etc etc.. A Fantastic Building With Over 80 Individual, Quality, Dealers. Building Is Open 7 Days A Week, But Most Dealers Are Open Mon -Fri 11am till 6pm."



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"Manhattan Arts & Antiques Center is a collection of dozens of small but up class antique dealers. Much of what you see on display here is simply gorgeous...Great stuff here."




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There are lots of rug galleries in this building. Our favorites: Les Looms, for old Caucasian rugs, Turkish Oushaks tapestries, and French Aubus-sons. This midtown counterpart to the Chelsea antiques zone is home to 100 galleries selling just about any kind of antique furnishings, jewelry, paintings, tapestries, and clocks you can imagine. Many of the vendors will repair your old stuff, too.




The Manhattan Art and Antiques Center is one of New York City's great hidden-in-plain-sight gems, a three-story treasure trove of things old and beautiful, glittering and strange. Featuring more than 100 different antiques dealers, the whole place is packed full with literally tens of thousands of pieces of fine art, furniture, jewelry, and collectibles from all eras, in all styles. In fact, there's so much to look at and admire and covet and wonder about at the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center, that even if you're not in the market to buy right now, walking through the galleries here and talking with the antique shop dealers and seeing things its unlikely you've ever seen before is definitely an more.




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Opened in 1975, the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center (MAAC) is New York's oldest established emporium for antiques. It houses 100 galleries on three levels, linked by elevators and a dramatic spiral staircase. The dealers offer a variety of silver, jewelry, porcelain, tapestries, furniture, clocks and paintings along with many other objects of art from around the world. The MAAC is an important resource for collectors, interior designers and architects, and over the years has become a destination for celebrities and visitors alike. Whether an antiques buff or tourist looking for the perfect gift, the MAAC is the perfect destination for a quick purchase or a full day of browsing and shopping.




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More than 100 different dealers and shops await you in one convenient location. There is so much to choose from, you will not know where to begin. Pack a lunch and spend the entire day "antiquing" with friends, family or by yourself. There is something here for everyone, from the bargain hunter to the serious collector.