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See Photos from the Opening Reception of MAAC on the Map Edition II

Yikui Gu,

Thank you to all the great people who joined us for the opening reception of MAAC on the Map, Edition II . We are so pleased about it – and happy to have most of these wonderful artists in attendance for the May 7th Artist Mini Talks!

MAAC on the Map, Edition II runs until May 22nd, at the Manhattan Art & Antique Center (1050 2nd Ave).

Gallery hours are: Monday – Saturday, 10:30am – 6pm and Sunday, 12pm – 6pm.

Here are photos from the reception:

Yikui Gu - at MAAC on the Map

Yikui Gu: “My paintings are an attempt to probe these areas using visual elements from sneakerhead culture, found internet images, Ikea catalogues and personal photos and art historical references. Through this combination of political, cultural and domestic imagery I hope to affirm and subvert the modern human condition.”



Alexis Duque at MAAC on the Map

Alexis Duque: “Through the use of exaggerated drama and distortion, my work attempts to challenge the way the viewer confronts the idea of consumerism and urbanization within contemporary culture and draw the viewer’s attention to the isolation of the transitory residents, like semi-nomads that emigrate hoping to find a better life on the outskirts of large metropolises”



Allan Gorman at MAAC on The Map

Allan Gorman: “Although I paint in a realistic style, my focus isn’t necessarily on the precise rendering of objects, but rather on conveying the abstract information created by – and within – those objects. I ask viewers to share a journey of discovery with me and hope they’ll become as excited and fascinated and moved as I am about the beauty that can be found in what’s often taken for commonplace and mundane.”

Alicia Degener at MAAC on the Map

Alicia Degener: “Brilliant and vibrant color combined with a wonky sense of perspective bring movement to my paintings and a fresh view on city landscapes. Unusual cropping and framing of images add to the overall look of my artwork. I often incorporate text and imagery I find in street signs to give a narrative sometimes ironic or humorous to my artwork.”


Chrisina Massey: MAAC on the Map

Chrisina Massey: “I “kill” my traditionally framed paintings by cutting and tearing them apart, then mend them together by thread, a series of knots or weaving them together again giving them new life as a different form.”


Sarah B. Whalen at MAAC on the Map

Sarah B. Whalen: “In my work I try to capture this dichotomy between the beautiful and the grotesque. Hands, legs and blankets are all morphed together in a maze of linework to show the experience of sex.”


More information about the exhibit and the artists can be found here.


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