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Specializing in Meissen Porcelain, 19th and 20th century American and European paintings. CONTACT (P): 212.308.7330 (E):

The European Decorative Arts Company specializes in the finest examples of Objects of Verdu, decorative carriage clocks, and Viennese enamels. CONTACT (P): 516.621.1771 or 212.758.3023 (E):

Specializing in African Art including furniture, textiles, masks, and Shona sculpture. CONTACT (P): 212.838.3650 (E):

Specializing in jewelry, perfume bottles, boxes, and frames. CONTACT (P): 212.888.0165 (E):

Specializing in jewelry, religious art, silver, and Russian Art. CONTACT (P): 212.838.8780 (F): 212.355.4403 (E):

Phoenix Asian Art offers a variety of fine Chinese antiques and collectibles. We specialize in Chinese jade, bronze Buddhas, porcelain and Chinese scholar's objects. Our clients are consisting of private collectors and dealers from around the world. CONTACT (P): 718.819.9200 (E):