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Specializing in Art Deco, lighting, bronze and marble sculpture, and decorative objects. CONTACT (P): 212.935.9386 (F): 212.935.8349 (E):

Specializing in Meissen Porcelain, 19th and 20th century American and European paintings. CONTACT (P): 212.308.7330 (E):

Specializing in American and European Silver from Tiffany and Buccellati. CONTACT (P): 212.759.2055 (F): 212.752.6215 (E):

Specializing in fine jewelry, boxes, and objects of art. CONTACT (P): 212.752.2684 (F): 212.752.7277 (E):

Specializing in Chinese Art, Jade, glass, bronze, and furniture. CONTACT (P): 212.308.7203 (F): 212.308.7203 (E):

Specializing in Asian Art, jade, porcelains, and bronze. CONTACT (P): 212.751.0134 (F): 212.355.4403 (E):