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Identity, Challenged – In “Multiply, Identify, Her” at ICP

Running until September 2, 2018: The exhibit “Multiply, Identify, Her” at The International Center of Photography (ICP) explores identity from the perspective of women artists from the 1990s and today, of various ages, using different types of media:

“[T]hese artists reckon with the complex and changeable elements that inform who we are. These selves emerge from intersecting confrontations: with the artist’s own image, with the weight of personal and social stereotypes of race, class, gender, and age, and with the ambivalent promises of technology. These hybrid and multiple selves are depicted through mirroring and cloning, repetition and transfiguration.” – Marina Chao, Curator

The work challenges the patriarchal gaze, which “defines narrowly while presuming broadly”, and looks at the body as may appear in a future-time, aided by new (and yet undeveloped) technological innovations.

‘The artists brought together here create a space in which the feeling of longing for other possibilities of being and being seen is made palpable.”

Futuristic Envisoning of a Woman -"Sondra Perry 2500" at ICP

“Sondra Perry 2500” at ICP

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