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Let Curiosity Guide You: At Museum Day

Saturday, September 22nd is Museum Day.

There are a number of NYC museums participating and the free ticket allows free admission for the ticket holder plus one guest. (Select your museum and then download your ticket.)

The day is an initiative of the Smithsonian, “an annual celebration of boundless curiosity”.  And the Smithsonian asks: “Where will your curiosity lead you this Museum Day?”

Here are our suggestions:

The Rubin Museum of Art

Check out: “Masterworks of Himalayan Art

"Scenes of the Life of Indian Master Shantarakshita " at the "Masterworks of Himalayan Art" Exhibit - at The Rubin Museum

Scenes of the Life of Indian Master Shantarakshita (active 8th century CE); Tibet; 19th century; pigments on cloth; Rubin Museum of Art; From the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Warren Wilds; C2007.22.1 (HAR 65798) – via

“Masterworks, a regularly changing exhibition at the Rubin, explores major strands in the development of Himalayan art, covering a period of over one thousand years, and presents regional artistic traditions in their broad cultural, geographic, historical, and stylistic contexts.”

The Society of Illustrators/Museum of Illustration

Check out: “Funny Ladies at The New Yorker: Cartoonists Then and Now

"You First" - by Maddie Dai - at "Funny Ladies at the New Yorker: Cartoonists Then & Now" - at the Society of Illustrators/Museum of Illustration

“You First” – by Maddie Dai – via

“This exhibition is a commemoration of some of the women who drew cartoons for The New Yorker past and present. It’s a celebration of their creativity and fortitude as they pushed past cultural stereotypes to create humor and offer the world laughter from all points of view.” -Liza Donnelly, Curator, “Funny Ladies at The New Yorker: Cartoonists Then and Now”

Asia Society and Museum

Check out: “The Progressive Revolution: Modern Art for a New India

Krishen Khanna. News of Gandhiji's Death, 1948. Oil on canvas - at "The Progressive Revolution: Modern Art for a New India" - Asian Society Museum

Krishen Khanna. News of Gandhiji’s Death, 1948. Oil on canvas. H. 33 1/2 x W. 33 1/2 in. (85.1 x 85.1 cm). Radhika Chopra and Rajan Anandan. Photography by Richard Goodbody – via

“Just over seven decades after the declaration of India’s independence in 1947 and the emergence of a modern art movement in India, Asia Society presents a landmark exhibition of works by members of the Progressive Artists’ Group, which formed in Bombay, now Mumbai, in the aftermath of independence. The Progressive Revolution: Modern Art for a New India will examine the founding ideology of the Progressives and explore the ways in which artists from different social, cultural, and religious backgrounds found common cause at a time of massive political and social upheaval.”

Cooper Hewitt

Check out: “Access+Ability

Neckace and bracelets for people who are blind - a wearable navigation system - at Cooper Hewitt's "Access+Ability" Exhibit

“Neckace and bracelets are a wearable navigation system for people who are blind. Connected to a voice-controlled iPhone app and GPS, haptic vibrations not only guide the wearer, but are able to track obstacles above the knee.” = via

“Access+Ability features over 70 innovative designs developed in the last decade. From low-tech products that assist with daily routines to the newest technologies, the exhibition explores how users and designers are expanding and adapting accessible products and solutions in ways previously unimaginable.”

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