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Armed: Antique Swords Around the World

Metal, Indonesia, 19th century, 24" L.

Indonesian sword handle, 19th century. Palmyra Heritage Gallery

We regularly add new treasures to, curated from our galleries’ standing and recent acquisitions. We’ve decided to spotlight some of the most fascinating new art and antiques in our regular blog feature series “NEW Vintage & Antique Finds.” In this post, we feature a series of beautiful weaponry, ranging from 20th century European steel swords to Luristan swords from 1000 BC. All the arms in the post belong to Gallery #16, Palmyra Heritage, a prominent third-generation antiquities dealer.

Antique Indonesian Sword

Indonesian sword. Metal, Indonesia, 19th century, 24" L.

Antique Indonesian sword featuring fearsome handle and intricate metal work. (Metal, Indonesia, 19th century, 24″ L.)

European Metal Sword

European Metal sword, depicting battle scene. Circa 1920s-1940s, 37" long.

Long European Metal sword, depicting astoundingly detailed battle scene. (Circa 1920s-1940s, 37″ long.)

Long European Metal sword, depicting intricate battle scene. Circa 1920s-1940s, 37" long.

Persian Sword Handle

Shapely antique Persian metal sword handle. (Metal, Iran, 18th century, 6″ L.)

European Metal Scabbard

Elegant European metal scabbard. (Metal, Europe, 1940s, 28-1/4″ L.)

Antique Indian Sword

Antique curved Indian sword. (Metal, India, 19th century, 23-5/8″ L.)

European Leather and Silver Scabard

Warm European Leather and Silver Scabard. (Leather and silver, Europe, 1900s, 30″ L.)

Indo-Persian Katar

Beautiful antique Indo-Persian Katar. (Copper, India, 19th century, 26-3/4″ L.)

European Silver Scabbard

European silver scabbard with beautiful detail. (Silver, 1900s, 31″ L.)

Ancient Bronze Luristan Sword

Ancient Bronze Luristan Sword. (Bronze, circa 1000 BC.)

Damascus Steel Persian Sword

Antique Damascus Steel Persian Sword. (Metal, Iran, 17th/18th century, 30-1/2″ L.)

Antique Indonesian Sword

Incredible antique Indonesian Sword. (Metal, Indonesia, 1900s, 23″ L.)

Turkish Wood Scabbard

Simple and beautiful antique Turkish wood scabbard. (Wood, Turkey, 18th century, 32″ L.)

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