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Epoch of Inspirational Design: Exhibition and Sale at Flying Cranes Antiques


Flying Cranes Antiques, Ltd., at The Manhattan Art & Antiques Center, 1050 Second Ave. in New York City, will present “19th Century Japan, Epoch of Inspirational Design”, an exhibition and sale of approximately 60 works of art by late Edo and Meiji Period Japanese masters. The exhibition opens on Monday, September 16 during Asia week and runs until Friday, November 1st.

The designs of these artists were often inspired by an inherent love of nature and also by a fascination with mythological creatures. The great masters lovingly utilized new materials and techniques to create works of art both large and small in the forms of plants, animals, insects and marine landscapes, prominent themes in their works. Clouds, waves, flowers, rockwork, bamboo, sakura and wisteria (all worked in delicate or robust detail) partnered with whimsical depictions of dragons, sages and other powerful figures  to define the foundation for their artwork.

Omnipresent in the great and tantalizing art of Japan’s 19th century, true inspiration reigned, separating the great from the ordinary and establishing this epoch as The Golden Age of Japan. Flying Cranes will offer for exhibition and sale major works concentrating on this theme.


Special highlights from the collection include:

1)    A gleaming silver and shakudo vase with cockerel and hen in the highest relief utilizes the alloys so prominent during the period. The shakudo and silver are in elegant contrast. Toshikatsu’s brilliant use of gold and red enamel defines the creatures and highlights the drama. Meiji Period.

2)    A pair of rare, silver mounted cloisonné vases has a wide band of sakura blossoms and boughs carved into the upper bodies in exquisite, reverse moriage. This remarkable treatment, perhaps never seen before, is set upon a celadon ground of vertical bamboo executed in wireless enamels. The silver-wired Ando mark resides on the bases. Padded owner’s boxes. Meiji Period.

3)    A silver lined shakudo koro with gold wired cloisonné handles boasts a seated silver tiger with shakudo stripes as the finial. Two raging dragons, modeled in extra high relief, slither in and out of the shakudo waves on its body. This dramatic koro sits upon a boxwood stand carved powerfully as a seated oni, his eyes, teeth and horns of mother-of-pearl. On the base of the koro, gold signature plaque, Harumin; mother-of-pearl signature plaque on base of oni, Seizu. Meiji Period.

4)    Macaques swing jauntily on a Satsuma bottle vase among cascading wisteria branches. The Master’s iconic visual of fishing boats on Lake Biwa surrounds the vase. Yabu Meizan gold signature cartouche on base. Meiji Period.

Flying Cranes Antiques has been instrumental in amassing major collections of rare 19th century Japanese art worldwide for museums, curators, royalty and both ingénue and sophisticated collectors. A new full color catalogue of the pieces in this collection will be available to the public.

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