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Heaven's Blessings: September Gemstone Spotlight On The Sapphire


Pin, fashioned as a floral spray, multi-colored sapphires and 18KT gold, American, circa 1980; Clifford Baron Gallery.

September’s birthstone, the sapphire has long represented purity of the soul. In the Middle Ages, the clergy wore sapphires to symobolize heaven and to protect against temptations, and commoners believed it to attract heavenly blessings. Among its roots, the word sapphire is derived from the Greek word sappheiros, which refers to the island of Sappherine in the Arabian Sea where the gems were found in ancient times. The Ancient Persians called the sapphire the “Celestial Stone” and it was also the gem of the Greek God, Apollo. Sapphires come in a variety of colors, as can be seen in the pin above, but the most prized color is a medium to dark blue as can be seen in the pieces below. The sapphire is the traditional fifth anniversary gift. You can see more examples here.

buglari-sapphire-18kt-gold-earringsBuglari Sapphire & 18KT Gold Earrings – featuring beautiful, large, carbochon sapphires set within a mounting of 18KT gold.  Signed Bulgari, American, circa 1980-2000; Clifford Baron Gallery.
sapphire-ringArt Deco 18k yellow gold, sapphire and diamond ring.  Approximately 3 ct sapphire surrounded by 1.40-ctw diamonds. 3.3 DWT.


Aletto Bros. invisible platinum set sapphire and diamond cufflink and stud set, American, circa 1990-2000. Size: 0.1″ x 0.1″ Botier Inc.

sapphire-necklaceStriking 18K white gold necklace and drop extension with an approximately 48-ctw oval sapphire cabochon pendant and a 30-ctw oval cabochon emerald, along with approximately 8-ctw diamonds.

silver-and-18k-gold-ssapphire-and-diamond earrings

Long hanging earrings of sapphires and diamonds in the Art Deco style, silver and 18K gold.  American, c. 1980-1990. Approximately 2.25″ long. Clifford Baron Gallery.

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