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Finday Finds: Enviable Antique and Vintage Snake Jewelry

Snake Watch -  at Joseph Saidian & Sons

Snake jewelry can be incredibly elegant – as proven by the following stunning items at our dealers.

legendary #BvlgariSerpenti bracelet-watch - at Botier

A legendary Bvlgari Serpenti Bracelet Watch (Jaeger-LeCoultre Movement) With certificate of authenticity from Bvlgari stating it was made Circa 1970. 50 years later and it’s never been more stylish. [ Joseph Saidian & Sons | Gallery #48 |212.752.2684 | ]

Snake-themed rings and bracelets - at Botier

(Clockwise from top left:) David Webb Pair of Enamel Gold Snake Link Bracelets, circa 1970s; Bulgari Spiga Diamond Blue Topaz and 18 Karat Gold Flexible Snake Ring, circa 1990s; Bulgari Spiga Diamond Gold Snake Bracelet; Bulgari Spiga Diamond and 18 Karat Gold Flexible Snake Ring [ Botier Inc. | Gallery #15 | 212.371.2424 | ]


Boucheron Antique Enamel Snake Necklace

Boucheron Antique Enamel Snake Necklace

A clear influence on the Bvlgari serpenti motif: this absolutely unreal antique enamel snake necklace. It’s hard to believe that this was made approximately 150 years ago – the enamels, the colors, the fluidity in its make, the length, the size, the beautiful fitted box by Boucheron….Each feature is more impressive than the last. I don’t use the terms “museum quality” lightly, but this begs to be exhibited. Definitely in my top 10 of my personal favorite jewels we have owned over the years. [ Joseph Saidian & Sons | Gallery #48 |212.752.2684 | ]

Contact the galleries to purchase, or with any inquires: Joseph Saidian & Sons in Gallery #48 [ 212.752.2684 | &  Botier Inc. in Gallery #15  [212.371.2424 | ]

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