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Huanghuali Furniture

Prized for its elegance and exquisite quality, huanghuali furniture is among the most coveted in the world. In Chinese furniture, huanghuali translates to “yellow flowering pear wood furniture.” The coloring and grain of the furniture is bright but not ostentatious as seen in the late 19th century huanghuali chairs above from Dragon Treasures Antique Ltd. Gallery at the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center.

A slow-growing tree, huanghuali takes a century to grow a 12-inch trunk and with tree supplies diminishing rapidly since the Qing dynasty, huanghuali furniture has become as rare as it is beautiful. At the height of the furniture’s craftsmanship in the Ming and Quing dynasties, the furniture was used solely by the imperial family and built exclusively by the foremost craftsmen of the day. Dragon Treasures Antique Ltd. can be reached here.

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