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NEW Vintage & Antique Finds: Buccellati Mermaid Fantasy Silver Centerpiece


Magnificent Sterling Silver Centerpiece by Buccellati, Sterling silver, Milan, Italy, 20th century. Gallery #65: Estate Silver/212.758.4858

Today in our NEW Vintage & Antique Finds series, we present a nautical fever dream from the incomparable high-end designer Buccellati. Easily Italy’s most renowned luxury jewelry brand, Buccellati brings an equally impressive stamp of “timeless eccentricity” to their one-of-a-kind silverware. It’s hard to imagine a more stunning example of their unique vision than this sterling silver centerpiece of a mermaid-driven sea chariot.

Fancifully ensconced on a nautilus shell, with a lobster holding her flowing locks aloft and flying fish pulling her chariot, the commanding mermaid drives her chariot through a sea teaming with marine life: clam shells, mussels, dolphin, coral, sea urchin, fish, sharks, swordfish, sea otters, starfish, an octopus, and a turtle. All we can say is: wow.

Buccellati has been “wowing” the world since the 18th century, when the founding family first established its design presence. To this day, the items in the company’s catalog are designed by members of the Buccellati family, and handmade by a select group of artisans. Many of their pieces hark back to Italy’s rich design history, borrowing elements from the Roman through Renaissance eras, including the plant and sea life found in Italian frescoes. To see detailed views and to learn more about this piece, click here.

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