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NYC Museums Offer Online Art History Options

Van Gogh in Arles

Have an urge to brush up on your art history knowledge?

New York City Museums are helping you do that – even beyond their spectacular exhibits.

Met Publications

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers 5 decades of publications to read and download (for free).

Such as:

Van Gogh in Arles documents the first major exhibition devoted to the fifteen-month period in 1888–1889 that the Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh worked in the ancient Provençal town of Arles in the South of France.”

Van Gogh in Arles - Met Publication

When Silk Was Gold is the catalogue for the first exhibition devoted exclusively to luxury silks and embroideries produced in Central Asia and China from the eighth to the early fifteenth century. …the textiles are remarkable not only for their dazzling display of technical virtuosity but also for their historical significance, reflecting in their techniques and patterns shifts in the balance of power between Central Asia and China that occurred as dynasties rose and fell and empires expanded and dissolved.”


Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, originally published in 2000, presents the Met’s collection via a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of global art history. Targeted at students and scholars of art history, it is an invaluable reference, research, and teaching tool.”

Brooklyn Museum’s “AskBkm”

The Brooklyn Museum has come up with a really charming app so you can ask all the questions you had about the Museum’s art.

“Have a question about art on your next visit at the Museum? Download our #askBKM app and ask away!”

They demonstrate some amusing (but sincere) inquiries you might have:

AskBkm - 1

Ask Bkm - 4  AskBkm - 3


Explore these wonderful tools.

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