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Sevres Perfume Bottle

Who would have guessed, those commercial perfume bottles that our grandmothers kept on the vanity and bathroom shelf, would today be regarded as works of art? Once sold in department stores and small perfumeries, these crystal vessels are now displayed in locked cabinets, highly prized and sometimes highly priced!In fact, our own Ken Leach of Gallery 47, collaborated in 2006 to achieve the record breaking price of $250,000 for a Rene Lalique perfume bottle. But, Ken is quick to point out, that not all bottles are costly, and a fine collection can be started with just a few dollars, depending on your taste and desires.

Ken is an international perfume bottle specialist offering a variety of bottles in an ever changing display, which serve as inspiration for glass designers and celebrity perfumers, before ultimately entering the collections of perfume bottle enthusiasts around the globe. He has documented over 16,000 scent names from 3400 companies in 44 countries, and guarantees that whether you focus on shapes, colors, perfume houses or glass companies, the categories are limitless.

Looking back on a century of perfume production, there is a vast amount of material to choose from, and whether it’s a luxurious bottle fit for a queen or an Evening in Paris from the dime store, as always, the fun is in the hunt, and the ultimate pleasure of ownership. Ken’s number one axiom: ”Buy what makes you smile.”

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