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The Guggenheim Offers Virtual Guided Tours

Eye to Eye: Julia Dault

This month, take a guided virtual tour at the Guggenheim.

Via Zoom, you can join museum educators for the all ages tours where they “highlight a selection of modern and contemporary artists and artworks to spark discussion, reflection, and collective meaning-making.”

The events are:

The Guggenheim Museum Through the Eyes of Cartoonists, Illustrators, and Artists
“Discover six decades of changing attitudes towards this architectural icon by examining its depictions in cartoons, illustrations, and artworks. Led by museum educator Sharon Vatsky.”

Global Themes in the Guggenheim Collection: Marking Time

“Explore themes of repetition, duration, and endurance in the artistic process while engaging with collection artworks by Agnes Martin and On Kawara, as well as selections from the exhibition Marking Time: Process in Minimal Abstraction. Led by museum educator Queena Ko.”

A Taste of the Guggenheim

“Explore and discuss works from the Guggenheim collection, and across art history, in which food plays the myriad roles of medium, inspiration, and storyteller, amongst others. Led by museum educator Jackiie Popjes.”

Working from Home
“Explore how a diverse range of artists in the Guggenheim collection repeatedly found inspiration close to home, creating artworks that focus on domestic settings. Led by museum educator Sharon Vatsky.”

We are open our regular hours and observe social distancing guidelines
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