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Learn & Browse: Greek, Egyptian & Persia Art

Pair of Mamluk Revival Islamic Koran BrassSilver Tables, Kursi - at Palmyra Heritage

If you’ve visited The MAAC, you’ve seen exceptional art and antiques from Egypt, Greece and Persia – at galleries like: Anavian Gallery, Palmyra Heritage, Lev Tov Antiques, and Textiles as Art.

Islamic Covered Bowl - at Lev Tov Antiques; Luristan Bronze Finial - at Anavian Gallery, A Massive Ancient Egyptian Bronze Eyes Ca. 1000-300 B.C. - at Palmyra

Clockwise from top left:

And pictured at top/featured photo: Pair of Mamluk Revival Islamic Koran Brass/Silver Tables, Kursi [ Palmyra Heritage | Gallery #16 | 212.319.1077 | ]

Contact the above galleries to see these treasures in person.

There’s also an online talk you may enjoy: “Greece, Egypt, Byzantium, Persia, Weiner Werkstatte and More“.

Elisabeth Kley discusses her work and historical sources and influence – in this online class from The 92nd Street Y:

“Elisabeth Kley is a New York artist known for her black and white ceramic sculptures, drawings and site-specific paintings. She draws motifs from historic ornamentation found in cultures and styles including Roman, Egyptian, Byzantine, Islamic and Wiener Werkstate. Collapsing geography and history, she translates the imagery she finds into graphic all-over patterns that convey the opulence and spirit of their original sources.”

Art by Elisabeth Kley

Art by Elisabeth Kley

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We are open our regular hours and observe social distancing guidelines
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