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Palmyra Heritage: Antiquities Ancient Coins Islamic Art Estates Sale

Palmyra Heritage Gallery Sale

Palmyra Heritage Gallery’s next auction is on Sunday, October 18th, 2020 at 11:00 AM EDT on and and other sites*.

(Featured Image: Ancient Egyptian Upper Half Sarcophaqus Lid, circa 664-332; Ancient Greek Thrace Bronze head of Satyr, circa 3rd century; Ancient Apulian Red Figure Kantharos, circa 350 BC.)

Register to bid on: Gold rings, Egyptian amulets, oil lamps – and much more!

4 ancient gold rings - at the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center

“Our Sale consist of 2 Estates. One estate from the late Eldert Bontekoe, Pegasi. Ann Harbor Michigan, USA. A prominent Ancient coin and Antiquities dealer. Another estate is from the late Robert Onsted, PA USA. and other smaller collections consisting of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts And Islamic Art. Finally a selection of Ancient Coins and jewelry.”

4 ancient oil lamps - at the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center

You can leave an absentee bid, arrange for a phone bid, and/or bid live online during the auction.

*More details here.

5 ancient Egyptian Amulets - at the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center




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