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New Museum Current Exhibits Explore Identity and Humanity

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The New Museum (235 Bowery) has been a leading destination for new art and new ideas since 1977.

The 7 current exhibitions include these particularly innovative ones which explore identity and humanity in unique ways:

The Spring 2018 R&D Season: ANIMATION” does the heavy lifting with this project which “explores contested definitions of personhood. Questions of who and what qualifies as a person have become increasingly contentious as the agency of all beings—from animals and ecosystems to corporations and artificial intelligence—has fractured legal and theoretical discourse.”

"Anna Craycroft, Storyboard: Animating Personhood" - at New Museum

Anna Craycroft, Storyboard: Animating Personhood, 2017. Ink on paper, 20 × 36 in (50.8 × 91.4 cm). (On

In “Screens Series: Artor Jesus Inkerö integrates his large-scale photographs, videos, and performances into a “holistic bodily project”, blurring the line between the artist’s art and life in this “a series of rigorous, evolving self-transformations”.


With “intuitive layering of castoff furniture, oil and acrylic paint, and collaged elements including iridescent CDs, water bottles, LED lights, sneakers, and plastic bags, “Aaron Fowler: Bigger Than Me” has the artist incorporating “compositional cues from American history painting and religious iconography” and weaves in “both imagined and concrete narratives from his personal experience.”

Artist Aaron Fowler "Bigger Than Me" at New Museum

Artist Aaron Fowler (From newmuseum’s Instagram @newmuseum)

In “Blind as the Mother Tongue“, Iraqi-Kurdish artist, Hiwa, draws “on vernacular forms and collaborative and performative actions, the makes work inspired by political events, chance encounters, oral histories, and his own experiences, including fleeing Iraq on foot in the late 1990s.”

“Hiwa K: Blind as the Mother Tongue” (on )

The museum’s mission is to “embrace difference, debate, and multiple viewpoints regardless of race, gender, class, or creed” and to work with international artists and partners, aiming to provide “a platform for cross-cultural dialogue, fostering empathy, mutual understanding, and respect.”

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