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Japan Society Art Talk “Japan: A Reverence For Beauty”

Photograph and copyright © Gil Garcetti 2015.

Photograph and copyright © Gil Garcetti 2015.

“What makes the Japanese people unique in their need for beauty? What can Westerners learn from this ancient culture and history? How can a better understanding of the role beauty plays in the daily life of the Japanese enhance our own lives?” These are the questions acclaimed photographer Gil Garcetti answers in his most recent photo book Japan: A Reverence for Beauty. On September 15, 6:30 PM, Garcetti discusses his gorgeous new work and its inspiration at Japan Society.

Japan: A Reverence For Beauty. Credit: Balcony Press

Japan: A Reverence For Beauty. Photo Credit: Balcony Press

An urban photographer for over 40 years, Garcetti’s lush, striking photo books have been lauded in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, among others. When Garcetti visited Japan for the first time in 1967, “he was struck with how surrounded he was by beauty.” The photographs, accompanied by five thoughtful essays, represent a decades-long contemplation of the beauty in Japan, and what Japan sees in beauty. You can purchase tickets to Garcetti’s Japan Society’s Art Talk, which is followed by a book signing and reception, here.

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