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MAAC on the Map: Edition II

(Artwork on the left – “A witch and her Wand” by Sarah B. Whalen)
MAAC on the Map

“MAAC on The Map: Edition I” Reception


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After the resounding success of MAAC on the Map Edition I, that opened on March 11, 2017, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our next contemporary art exhibition in the series.  April 22, 2017 will mark the opening and reception of MAAC on the Map Edition II, featuring the artistry of Alexis Duque, Alicia Degener, Allan Gorman, Christina Massey, Sarah Whalen and Yikui Gu. The exhibition will be open daily to the public until May 22, 2017.

Visitors will again have the opportunity to explore the work, curated by Paul Anavian and Michaela Boruta, in the six dedicated gallery spaces at The Manhattan Art & Antique Center. The guests are also invited to discover the wonders of the remaining 50 galleries populating the space. The artists will be on hand to discuss their works in detail with the public in a series of mini talks happening in May. You can gather at various artworks to hear the motivations, techniques and inspiration for the artist’s creations. There will also be an art & design lecture before the mini talks.

MAAC on the Map

Shiva Jlayer shows her art at the “MAAC on The Map: Edition I” Reception

The curatorial vision for MAAC on the Map Edition II is based on how we “see” the world through our own particular cultural or personal filters. It’s a collection of artists who are exploring the idea of the line. How we break it, flow with it, chase it, sexualize it or define space with it, to control our relationship with the world. Each artist is gazing, glaring, observing society and shifting the way we “look” at our inner and outer landscapes.

New York City comes to life in spring with the rich offering of art fairs focusing on contemporary art and design. The Affordable Art Fair, ArtExpo, Context, Frieze and 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, to name a few, will all be in full swing during May. This energizing MAAC on the Map Edition II collection contributes to the potent atmosphere of all of these different artists across NYC, waking us all up after the long winter.

MAAC on the Map is a contemporary art exhibition series that aims to give a platform to emerging and established artists at The Manhattan Art & Antique Gallery – one of the nation’s largest fine art and historical design centers. MAAC on the Map is a movement to give contemporary artists a new home on the Upper East Side and an opportunity to expose their work to a different audience. The injection of these vital contemporary artists reinforces that the Upper East Side is a potent destination for innovation, a creative hotspot where experience meets a new breed of artistic disruptor.

We look forward to hosting you.

See below, and visit our website, as well as our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to find out more about – and see more art from – our featured artists.

Opening reception: Saturday April 22, 4pm -7pm

Exhibition runs from April 22 – May 22, 2017

MAAC on the Map gallery hours: Monday – Saturday, 10:30am – 6pm and Sunday, 12pm – 6pm

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The artists featured in Maac on the Map Edition II include:

Alexis Duque

“Vanitas” by Alexis Duque

(Painting on right – “Vanitas”) by Alexis Duque

“The chaotic and unavoidable process of urbanization in our globalized and over populated world are the central focus of my work.”

Alicia Degener

Alicia Degener: “Bed Stuy Brownstones"

(Painting on the Left – “Bed Stuy Brownstones” by Alicia Degener)

“I paint the landscape of New York City. I am fascinated with rollercoasters, architectural details such as cornices and anything kitschy Americana like roadside signs.”

Allan Gorman

(Painting:“A Little Light Peeking Through” by Allan Gorman)

(Painting on the left – “A Little Light Peeking Through” by Allan Gorman)

“I find myself drawn to hidden abstract patterns, random shapes and aesthetic tensions I see in real objects –particularly within the confines of industrial structures, machinery, and vehicles.”

Christina Massey

Artwork: “Interwoven 4” by Christina Massey

(Artwork on the left – “Interwoven 4” by Christina Massey)

“Using methods of constructing and deconstructing, I am constantly re-using and re-purposing my own artwork.  One series literally leads to another, where previous series of works are cut, torn and sewn or woven back together again into new series of works, which may again be reconstructed into yet another art form.”

Sarah B. Whalen

Artwork: “A witch and her Wand” by Sarah B. Whalen

(Artwork on the left – “A witch and her Wand” by Sarah B. Whalen)

“In my work I try to capture this dichotomy between the beautiful and the grotesque. Hands, legs and blankets are all morphed together in a maze of linework to show the experience of sex.”

Yikui Gu

Artwork: "Bad Neighbors" by Yikui Gu

(Artwork on the left – “Bad Neighbors” by Yikui Gu)

“The spaces between order and chaos, sincerity and irony or design and chance are the most interesting to explore. My paintings are an attempt to probe these areas using visual elements from sneakerhead culture, found internet images, Ikea catalogues and personal photos and art historical references.”

MAAC on the Map is a year long initiative featuring four contemporary art series in 2017. It is a drive to bring a stronger contemporary art presence into the surrounding neighborhood. The program also includes a lecture series by prominent arts funders, critics, academics, visionaries and creators. A smaller program of “mini-talks” with the participating artists are intimate, specialized sessions that speak to both the public and the art connoisseur. Podcasts of these talks will be available on the website after the event.

We are open our regular hours and observe social distancing guidelines
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