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An Additional Week to get “Caught in Time”!

Samuel Partal

Our MAAC on the Map photographic exhibit “Caught in Time” has been extended!

That means you have an extra week to see these 11 impressive photographers: Julie Blattberg, Glen C. Goodenough, Shoun A. Hill, Erin Karp, Diana Leidel, Gaspar Marquez, Ira Merritt, Joseph O’Neill, Samuel Partal, Alissa Rosenberg and Sara Sill.

Ira Merritt

Samuel Partel

Glen Goodnenough

The exhibition is open to the public daily until  November 26, 2017.

(MAAC on the Map gallery hours: Monday – Saturday, 10:30am – 6pm and Sunday, 12pm – 6pm)

We are open our regular hours and observe social distancing guidelines
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