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Antique and Vintage Holiday Shopping Guide: Getting Started!


Chances are, some of the wonderful people on your list have unique, discerning tastes. While that generally keeps life interesting – it can be a challenge when holiday shopping. Fortunately, we have over 100 galleries with unique, rare and one-of-a-kind items! You’re guaranteed to find plenty to match their original tastes!

Peruse our Holiday Collection for great ideas. Here are just a few selections to get you started.

A Fine Pair of Cut Glass Lustres with Hurricane Shades

Cut Glass Lustres with Hurricane-Shades

A finely crafted exquisite pair of cut glass lustres with hurricane shades. Cut glass, France, early 20th century [ F & P Associates | Galleries #39 & 83 | 212.644.5885 | ]

Brass Footman


 Brass Footman at Burke's Antiques

Brass Footman, made in Wales. Circa 1860. [ Burke’s Antiques | Gallery #4 | 212.570.2964 | ]

Vintage Doll Ferris Wheel

Vintage Doll Ferris Wheel at The Antique Toy Shop

Handprinted ferris wheel with 6 gondolas and original passengers. Tin, Germany. Circa 1920. [ The Antique Toy Shop | Gallery #1 | Phone: 646.355.9353 | ]

Sterling Silver Menorah Baal Shem Tov Style

Sterling Silver Menorah Baal Shem Tov Style - at AAA Silver/Nathan Horowicz

Ball Shem Tov style menorah, adorned with with lions on back plate and luchos in center. Detailed crown above lions with desired bead design, columns on side with flamed finial on top. [ AAA Silver/Nathan Horowitz Antiques | Gallery #91 | 212.755.6320 | ]

Pende Mask

Pende Mask - At Hemingway African Gallery

Wood, paint, Congo. [ Hemingway African Gallery | Gallery #96 | 212.838.3650 | ]

Turquoise Dragon Boat Carving

Turquoise Dragon Boat Carving - at Linda Cheng Gallery

Detailed double-sided carving, features women, men, and children as well as a regal phoenix atop a dragon boat. Turquoise, China, 19th century. [ Linda Cheng Gallery | Gallery #26 | 347.528.8196 | ]

Stop by the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center to peruse the collections of these galleries – F & P Associates (Gallery #39 & #83), Burke’s Antiques (Gallery #4), The Antique Toy Shop (Gallery #1), AAA Silver/Nathan Horowicz Antiques (Gallery #91), Hemingway African Gallery (Gallery #96), Linda Cheng Gallery (in Gallery #26) – and many more!

For more gift ideas, shop our Holiday Collection.

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