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Chinese Textiles – at The Met and The MAAC

Antique Chinese Silk Panel

Children to Immortals: Figural Representations in Chinese Art” can be seen at The Met, and it showcases both well-known, as well as lesser known art.

“Conveying a person’s inner spirit (chuanshen) is the central aspect of figural representation in Chinese art. Rather than prioritizing accurate anatomical renderings, artists sought to capture the “life energy” of their subjects. This exhibition explores sophisticated decorative arts that depict figures dating to late imperial China, from the Song (960–1279) to the Qing (1644–1911) dynasty.”

And if the exhibit has you more interested in Chinese textiles?

Visit Textile as Art in Gallery #10/10A (Open 7 Days A Week).

3 Antique Chinese Textiles: Featuring 3 Men; An Old Man; A Woman

Antique Chinese Textiles [ Textile as Art | Gallery #10/10A | 212.447.0069 and Cell: 917.509.9339 | ]

(Pictured above: Clockwise from top left: Antique Chinese Imperial Silk Embroidery Panel, circa 1700-1800 A.D.; Antique Chinese Silk & Gold Embroidery Wall Hanging Panel, 19th Century; Antique Chinese Silk Kesi Textile We Two Panels, circa 1800-1900 A.D. Featured image:  Antique Chinese Panel, circa 1850-1900 A.D)

Stop by Textile as Art in Gallery #10/10A (1050 2nd Avenue,  at 56th Street) or call the gallery at: 212.447.0069, cell: 917.509.9339,  or email:


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