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Fine Art Shippers writes:

“New York Antique Movers Recommend: The Manhattan Art & Antiques Center

“From contemporary art and décor pieces to antique furniture and religious artifacts, you can find there literally everything and, what is no less important, at the best prices possible. Besides, the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center is very conveniently located right in Midtown Manhattan, which makes it easily accessible by all major forms of transportation. This unique place is known to all decorators, designers, collectors, art connoisseurs, and certainly New York antique movers.”

Thank you, Fine Art Shippers!

The Manhattan Art & Antiques Center located in Midtown Manhattan is one of the largest fine art and antiques malls in the United States, with lots of beautiful galleries and amazing stores for any taste and need. Fine Art Shippers is always happy to pick up art and antiques from the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center for our clients, as well as help many dealers who have amazing stores in this premier mall. Alexander’s Antiques specializing in Art Deco, decorative objects, fine art, jewelry, furniture, and chandeliers, and Leah Gordon Antiques specializing in fine jewelry, pottery, and design objects from the early 20th century are only two of many stores you should definitely visit! In general, the quantity of museum-quality items that you can find at the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center is absolutely unbelievable. Fine art, décor pieces, Art Nouveau, contemporary art, modern Danish furniture, Russian icons and antiques, Chinese art, and many other exceptional pieces are all here for the delight of art and design aficionados. It is needless to say that Fine Art Shippers can move them all safely and securely, so do not hesitate to contact us for any moving help you need! Plus, we are always ready to provide antique dealers with comprehensive art installation services! #fineartshippers #fineartshippersservices #artservices #arttips #movingart #arthandling #shippingart #artshipping #artinstallation #art #fineart #antique #antiques #galleries #artgallery #nycgallery #newyork #manhattan #nycart #antiquedealer #artcenter

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